Monday, March 16, 2015


Lovely as a scarf... or a ghost costume.
It's a ghost!
Here's the cream/white cotton blanket. It didn't turn out to be as much of a chore as I had expected it to be (which is almost disappointing, seeing as that was a huge part of the reason I avoided it for so long... I could've been finished that much sooner!), and I'm really pleased with the result! Now I just need to hemstitch at 30", cut off 3" extra after that for fringe, then hemstitch the other side and possibly print on the remaining yardage. It's the perfect size for a large scarf! I really want to whip up a couple of these and print all over them, or maybe try dyeing with them or painting over them. Really soft and quite lovely.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Not a Wreck

not a wreck.
Not a wreck.
Finished a Shipwreck Shawl for Katie! I hope with all my might that the name of the shawl does not portend the future.

I skipped the beads, but otherwise followed the directions completely.  Beautiful shawl! Not quite as difficult as I thought it'd be, and it didn't take nearly as long as I had originally expected either. I love when things turn out that way.

Now I've just got to hand it off and hope that she likes it!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Morning in Engelberg (a test knit)

lukknits testknit Morning in Engelberg
That cable.
 I'm so happy I can finally share this beautiful sweater! The lovely Nadia asked me a couple months ago whether I would like to test knit something for her, as part of the Casual Friday collection, and of course I responded with a resounding YES. I was torn between Morning in Engelberg and Evening in Locarno, but I felt more confident that I would be able to finish in time with thicker yarn, considering school.

I don't usually work at this weight for garments (aran weight, knit as a substitute for worsted weight), and I have no idea why not. They're so quick! The garter stitch body, coupled with the large offset cable, make for an interesting texture to an otherwise plain and comfy sweater. And plain, simple, and unfussy things are definitely my thing. In case you haven't noticed. There's also this lovely slipped side detail (below). The length of the sleeves is pretty perfect too: they cover my wrists and I can grab the hem of the sleeve with the tips of my fingers when my arms are down. Bliss.

lukknits testknit Morning in Engelberg side detail
Lovely side detail.
Also, this yarn is an absolute thing of beauty. I'm this close - this close - to running back to Romni's and buying out their shelf, especially since it's in the basement. In case anyone wants to buy it out before me so as to prevent me from doing so, it's the Araucania Rinihue. There's enough of the red colourway for a Belfast Hoodie. Or whatever full garment you please. Beautiful.

Two more things.

  1. Although I lack photo evidence for it at this moment in time - and they will happen hopefully soon enough - I have also completed a piece that's been on the loom for months. I kid you not: months. I also haven't touched it for months, so I really hope that redeems me a bit, considering it's just plain old plain weave. I actually still have to cut it down as it's for a project, but I'm more or less done. And I'm so glad I sloughed through it! It's incredibly soft, and I'm thinking of weaving another one already, except one that I can keep as a scarf or something.
  2. I thought I couldn't do it, but I did: I finished the Shipwreck Shawl. It's in the process of blocking (no pins, so I hope it just stays in shape), but I can already tell it's going to be incredible! I really hope the recipient likes it! More on that later when I've actually got pictures.